Saturday, January 3, 2009

Adding Friends

I am changing. I want good people in my life. Only good people. I am working hard at achieveing this. I guess I have been doing it in real life for awhile. Yes some of you will think. She didn't read me much before. True. But since my leaving JS and then JS shutting down, I have had some real heartfelt moments. I truly wondered how certain ppl were doing. Those pf you who were on my facebook were written to off and on over xmas. Like Wizzy, WHO KEPT PUTTING UP COOKIE IDEAS>>>GAWD!!!! lol. I am 15lbs Or Net, who i love dearly. You mr mr are one of the true friends I have online and in real life. Thanks. Bottom line. I have to give this idea a chance. And I don't think it will help if i don't reincorporate myself with you all. So here we are. I hope these two places we have decided to make home works out for us all. You all seem to be enjoying it. So here I

I will jump on through out the day to add more of you. Finding you slowly. lol.

Life Will Go On

I have read this statement twice in the last few hours. Truer words were never spoken. Life moves so fast! It so chaotic most times. I figure what needs to be done is to let the chips fall where they may and as usual I will pick up the pieces. LOL. I do. I seem to walk into lives, help them and move on somehow. Maybe it is I who choose to move on or I am forced to. Either way this process has occurred twice now. I am thinking there is something behind

This blog will be different than my last. Again, not sure how but I know I want it to be. It was interesting this time trying to pick a I wanted my id to reflect who I am. So SunSilk to me is light. *smiles* I like the sun. Being born under the sign of Leo makes me a sun I crave how the light wraps itself around me to warm my soul. *fondly remembers*. The soul part is there because this is what matters to me most. My My heart and soul. I put everything into my friendships. It comes from in there. *grins*

The title of my blog. The song is one by Bob Dylan. Why? It syas it all. People online pretend to be friends when in reality they are all out for themsleves. Just like in RL. I have meet a small handful who I think are worthy of having a friend like me. *smiles* Am I cocky...hell yes. But I am also truthful to. lol. Sometimes to a fault....ok, usually to a fault.

The Mii yes, I like music so I have em up. lol. Sister Golden hair..well...i have yet to post the song on any player. It is too special to me but now..i wanna. I am her. I have been her for a longggggg time. I guess i have been told it is me by friends to. ...Hum, friends. I dont have very many real ones i dont think. I am one of those ppl who everyone likes and wants to be like but when it comes down to the crunch...I am one handful and most can't handle that. To be it or love it. Sooo I am alone inside. That is ok cause when I get close I get hurt.

Maybe it was time for js to be done. I have not been there for awhile. I have to be honest ( I can't help but think about those who have not been around for awhile. The ones who haven't posted...they don't know where everyone is. Maybe they do. For me Js was the beginning to the end. But now that it is gone...I will miss knwoing that certain ppl were there. Even if they didn't want to be my friend anymore. I could read them. Know they were thinking about me because they wrote about me. Now...that is gone. Those ppl do know how to reach me. *sigh* But I know never will. That person will watch me from afar forever. As i do them i guess. lol.

Today I plan to experiment with snow. taking photos of it etc etc. I am hoping to come up with some great shots. Being so long since i actually took some photos of any worth...I am hoping for the Soooooo more than likely for the first lil while i will be a post whore. i also am trying to learn this site a bit more soooooooooooo...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Starting Over

I guess I am here to start over. This time I plan to be more focused. I still have not figured out how I plan to do that.

This year has been a year of ups and downs. Like any other year. The last few months have been stressful and yet a learning experience. With little time on my hands I have come to appreciate the small things I have been forgetting about. I need more of me. I have to figure out a way to space my time more efficiently.

Blogger is different. But so am I. Plus, I adjust very well. I will play with it more as I go along.

My New Year's resolution is to write and post at least one photo a day.