Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Wonder Does he Remember?

Today my oldest turns 12. This exact moment 12 years ago I was on my way to buy food. Jim was gone working out. Our Honda's front seat use to stick. being so small if he drove it before I did I would have to get in the back, reach around the front over the seat and under, let the latch go a half notch and get back and push the seat forward with my feet. It was a task but worked. :)
It was during this process of the first notch when my water broke. But of course I didn't know this. First baby and all. I thought I had pee'd myself. I was so embarrassed. lol. I made my way back to the house just as Jim was getting in. I told him I had pee'd and he came and had a look at me. It was at this moment he informed me I was in Labour. Oh, really? lol. Sure enough..

So we made our way to my mothers house. I wanted to go get the food i was on my way to get seeming I would be in the hospital for a few days..but NOOOOOOOOOOO. So it was decided that I should go in to emergency.

Jim left me. LOL. I went outside to get in the car and he was at the end of the road! LOL. he realized it at this point and turned around and came back for me. I guess he thought he could have the baby without me. ;P

I walked in the hospital and away we went to the caseroom. During my pregnancy I walked 3miles everyday. To the very end. It saved me. I was only in labour 7 hours 16 mins and Shane Michael was born. I was happy with how it all went. I never swore...ME...ok once. I told the dr to get this fucking child outta me! lol. But that was 8 mins before he came out...I think I did pretty good considering.

After it was all over, it was just Shane and I, in our room (which we shared with 4 other women..but I had the curtain across). I felt 3 things. This overwhelming love, exhaustion and fear. I knew at this moment my life was going to change forever. It was and still is an exciting journey. I am blessed to have him.

I wonder does he remember today?