Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Beginning

Today Jonathan starts school. I woke with excitement and pride. He has a certain way with young adults. Being as patient as he is his approach works. Starting school again takes courage at his age. 38. I know it isn't I am referring to working for so long and then just changing pace so quickly. Very spontaneous..tehe. I am a jumper when it comes to everyday life; not so sure when it comes to school. My cautious side shows. I KNOW he will do very well with his program. I look forward to the day I write about his graduation:)

It is raining here in Newfie land and I am soon to start working. It isn't that cold rain we normally get; its mild, sorta warm. I had a long day with work yesterday as I had two very large dogs thrown in the mix. It wiped me. I am considering taking some sort of vitamin.

I will be in my shop soon. There isn't much work to be done there; or i am told that. I need to get the tub installed, hot water tank installed, and the rest is cosmetic. I have chosen a new name for my shop; Doggie Stylz. After many a conversation about this issue it is what it

The greenery and color is beginning to arrive here. This rainfall will only help it along. I have to work on my front lawn, lol. It is horrible. I plan to use my weekends to do these extra things. I started a photoblog. I will post the link here. I just have to log in to get it and I am a lazy woman right I have been taking a few photos but have yet to work with them. I

Fake Burnette--- I loves ya misses *hugs* A nice talk would be good.