Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Like my Spot... at blogger. I have come to appericate the quiteness of it. I am begining to trust this place. I do not know who reads me and I don't care anymore. I feel safe here. Whew, Jesus doug..i can't get my pics up!!!!!!!! leave me a how to, will ya!!! LOLOLOL...*smacks forehead*

I haven't been posting my photos here. I have been nervous that I wouldn't get feedback. Today I decided I get the feedback I need already. I will just post what I like and feel.

I just came from JS. Or the new JS. or whatever that crowd over there are fighting about. WHAT A BUNCH OF FOOLS! Yes, folks, you heard it hear first. I think most over there are fucking tards that have no life and choose to live in this "fake" community. They haven't became friends. They are actually fighting again. The same ole shit just a different pile. For fuck sake. grow the fuck up. Ahhhh that felt good. I will visit the ones who hate the drama. The ones who choose to treat others like humans. Feel free to fuckign comment but I DO CONTROL this world..mmmwwwwaaahahahahahahaha :>

I am sitting here wanting to go dancing. I can't find my bank card...that blows. Mary ann has called me 4 times. I should try. I miss spending time with her. She makes me laugh more often than anything else. I need to go call her. lol.

Enjoy your night!!!!