Monday, July 4, 2011

The Book of Awakening

"We are rare; not perfect"

I am reading a book by Mark Nepo. This is a quote from it. The book actually belongs to my room mate, Rob, but we are sharing it night for The format of the book is delightfully constructed day by day of the year.

It works like a calendar; you wake each morning and read the date that you are at. I have skipped around the book.

It is a self help book. Or i consider it that genre. The purpose behind the book for me is to make me connect with the real me again. She has been tucked away; deep inside for so long it has been difficult to find her. I am not saying I have found her yet; just that I know she is there; waiting.

I have decided to write and post pictures again. I have missed it. I just have one small problem, I am using a notebook. I have no bloody idea how to get my canon shots on this bugger. Time to get a new laptop I guess. :( Until then I will try and use johnny's mac to save them to a jump drive. Yes, i know, i need external memory...

I think I just need some