Monday, August 10, 2009

I wish I could come up great titles like Netmale..

...then I wouldn't come across as being so serious. 

My mother will be home next week. I am very excited and thankful; yet nervous to see her. I couldn't write about how I was feeling. MY feelings were pushed deep by me. They still are there. I hope I can hold it together when I see her. *gulps* I hate crying.

Work is great. I am getting pretty exhausted though. I need a break soon. Even though to me it seems I am always taking a break. I know my days are full but yet they seem empty. Confucked, I know.

I plan on calling Doug tomorrow. I miss chatting up the rebel. I also wonder how Tyler is doing...

I also need to pay attention to Leslie. I miss her greatly. She has wrote me a few times and yet I fail to write back...not because I don't want to..I just forget by the time I have a chance to sit down. I miss and love you L.

Cowboy is the only one i still talk to on a regular basis. And even we have lacked in that area. Life demands that we be elsewhere.

Remember when I would get up at 5 am EVERY morning...hehehehe. I know some of you do...cause i would race to post before we all went to work. LOL. Well I think I shall try to get some morning posting in. The thing is I have NO photos. None. None that I would post...hehehe. Take that whatever way you Perhaps I am just a perfectionist...????

Anyhow, Nancy Grace is on and I have to go scream and scowl at the