Friday, September 18, 2009

Time away...

It wasn't near enough time, yet, I was glad to be home with my boys. I have photos but I am waiting for them to come on a disk. I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!!! I left it on the coffee table. *sigh*

The trip to see Jonathan was enlightening. I got to see where he lives. His apartment is very nice. I can't see where one would put a kitchen table but it is an apt for students, not families so it wouldn't have that.

I had a look at the little town he is living in. Nice and quaint. I liked it. The countryside is beautiful. It rained alittle on Sunday but overall I had a great day. By day's end both of us were exhasted. I enjoyed the time spent with him.

The next day I spent looking around. I went to lunch by myself. I had swiss chalet. I picked Jonathan up and we took a well deserved nap.

I can see how he could get lonely at times. But from what I seen I think he is doing just fine. He is a fighter deep inside. I am very proud of him and what he has accomplished so far.

As for me, I left Tuesday morning. The flight home was a little rough. I wasn't feeling all that well when I arrived so I was glad to see my van parked outside. It was a sign of home.

I hope he enjoyed my stay as well.

I woke at 5 am this morning. I want a nap now and it is 8am...*sighs*. I think I was overtired lastnight as I woke about 15 times. I have a full week booked at work. That is a good and bad thing. Good for the sake of the money and bad because I tend to forget about me when I am flat out. It wears me down.

Time to go. Work calls.